The Reinbeck United Methodist Endowment Fund

Our endowment fund is a continuing fund creating a unique way for your gift to support ministry in perpetuity.

Any kind of gift can be given: living donation, memorial donation, bequests from an estate, stocks or bonds, large or small. They are conservatively invested to earn the best possible returns while protecting the principle .

90% of the income can be disbursed for non-budgeted items including capital projects,  missions, and special ministry opportunities. Decisions are made by a committee of 5 persons.

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2016 distribution of 2015 income:

  • $500 Personal Energy Transportation
  • $500 UNI Wesley Foundation
  • $400 People’s Choice Free clinic
  • $300 Match congregational campership offerings dollar for dollar
  • $1231 for the proposed new sign for the front of the church


TOTAL   $2631